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Juan Clavijo

Juan Calvijo is an esteemed professional with expertise in peacebuilding, public policy reform, and democratic consultations. With a wealth of experience in Latin America, Africa, and Canadian municipalities, he has made significant contributions to these fields.

Juan has actively participated in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions, making invaluable contributions to peacekeeping efforts in various regions. Additionally, he played a vital role in the Colombian peace process with the FARC from 2012 to 2016, fostering dialogue and negotiations to achieve sustainable peace.

Furthermore, Juan has been involved in the Canadian Municipal Asset Management Program, where he contributed to enhancing asset management strategies for municipalities. This experience has allowed him to promote long-term sustainability goals through effective governance and policy implementation.

Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, Juan possesses exceptional language skills, facilitating effective communication and fostering cross-cultural understanding. This proficiency enables him to engage with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, building strong partnerships and facilitating collaboration.


Juan Calvijo brings invaluable insights, strategic thinking, and a deep commitment to peacebuilding, sustainable policies, and community empowerment. With his extensive experience and expertise, he continues to make a lasting impact on local, national, and international levels.

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Queen's University

MBA, Business Administration and Management


Cornell University

MBA, Business Administration and Management


University of Sussex

MA, Social Development


Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

BA, Political Science and International Relations

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