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Rébar Jaff, Ph.D.

Rébar Jaff is a distinguished quadrilingual senior professional hailing from Canada, whose remarkable career spans continents and encompasses a diverse range of expertise. With a proven track record in successfully navigating complex operational and policy issues, maintaining diplomatic ties, conducting investment negotiations, and designing effective global trade and politically sensitive communication campaigns, Dr. Jaff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our consulting firm.

Dr. Jaff is well-versed in the intricacies of export promotion and foreign direct investment attraction across multiple sectors, economic diversification, and integration into global supply and value chains. Drawing upon his in-depth understanding of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other regulatory bodies' practices, he formulates strategies that enable organizations to optimize their engagement in the international market.

Dr. Jaff's international training and education, combined with his world-class managerial experience, have positioned him as a leader in his field. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership by directing multifunctional teams consisting of over 400 international staff members. With annual budgets exceeding US$30 million, he has orchestrated multidimensional operations and programs against competing deadlines, even within highly politicized contexts. His ability to excel in such challenging environments showcases his remarkable poise, tenacity, and strategic acumen.

In addition to his expertise in government advice, governance, and economic reform, Dr. Jaff has held senior positions in international development, diplomacy, stakeholder relations, humanitarian emergencies, corporate social responsibility, public speaking, and communication campaigns. His vast experience spans over 30 countries across various regions, including the Middle East, Africa, Central and East Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Dr. Jaff's profound knowledge of these diverse contexts empowers him to offer nuanced insights and solutions to the complex challenges faced by our clients.




University of Ottawa (Canada)

Ph.D. | Political Science

(Comparative Politics and International Relations)


The American University of Paris (France)

MA | International Affairs, Conflict Resolution, and Civil Society Development


Institut catholique de Paris (France)

MA | Sociologie des conflits et Sécurité internationale

(Sociology of Conflict and International Security)


University of Manitoba (Canada)

BA | Political Studies and English Literature

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